Depression, Addiction, Mental Illness – This Is How We Can Help xo

For about a year I’ve been reading my girlfriend’s blog that she titled, “Adventures of a Survivor.”  I’ve known Kristin for … drum roll … 38 years and yet, I never knew until last year that she has been suffering from depression.  Yes, we have lived in separate cities, even different countries, for the vast majority of those years … and several years passed where we lost touch completely; however, the end result was the same.  Here was someone who has had such a special role in my life and I NEVER KNEW.  Thanks to her, I now know just how common mental illness is.


One out of five Canadians suffer from mental illness which means that, statistically, there are 100+ fabulous human BE-ings suffering in my very own chiropractic practice.


Yes, some practice members have disclosed this part of their health history, but many have not.  IF this happens to be you, please consider letting us know.  This is part of your health journey and it’s incredibly important.  Firstly, we want to know so that we become part of your LIFE line (& resource & a place to be yourself without judgement) and secondly, we want to know because your chiropractic care can become a big part of your healing.


YES, you heard me.  Chiropractic care can assist you in your recovery and support of an overall state of wellness.  I encourage you to read my short blog The Why Behind Getting Adjusted.


Chiropractic care encourages wholeness, a state of unity, and the wellbeing of your nervous system and since you live your life THROUGH your nervous system, the implications are huge.  Chiropractic care can be an incredibly powerful tool in your path towards mental/emotional wellbeing.


There are many case studies correlating improvements in mental wellbeing through chiropractic care:  Depression and Chiropractic Care.   I’m linking you with a resource page that will give you access to a range of clinical articles outlining the improvement in mental/emotional and physical wellbeing brought about by a reduction in spinal subluxation.   For Resources Check Here and overall wellbeing HERE.


In simple yet accurate terms, chiropractors address & correct spinal subluxations.  Spinal subluxations exist when there is interference to the functioning of the nervous system; a condition which affects many and will result in the separation of oneself from wholeness.


A sense of wellbeing requires a movement towards wholeness, away from dysfunction (unconnectedness) and unease.  A course of chiropractic care done with specificity, efficiency and intention can change your life.


If you suffer from mental illness, depression, addiction and pain, seek out the benefits of chiropractic care from a full spectrum, wellness oriented chiropractor.  If you need a referral please email us ( with your location and we will do our very best to get you connected to an awesome chiropractor.  If you live in York Region, come see us – we’re awesome too!  xo DRF

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