Baby Butterflies!

I had the pleasure of painting and decorating my girls room this week.  It is now purple and frilly and filled with butterflies!  The joy on the faces of Charlotte and Rose as they explored their new room was well worth the late night, swollen thumb and paint stained t-shirt.  It got me thinking about how much I value my family.  I am fortunate to come from a rather gigantic family and, despite the craziness that this inevitably brings, I would have it no other way.


Bringing a child into this world is a huge responsibility.  Raising one is not easy.  In their first year of life you have the very important job of setting the foundation for how their little bodies respond to life and its many stresses.  As my children continue to develop into their own little beings, with their unique personalities and desire to make choices, I am struck by how much harder this responsibility has become.  Everyday I see relfections of myself in my girls.  I see my attitudes, my choices, my reactions and even my facial expressions.  Most of the time I like what I see, but sometimes not so much.


 As a parent, you are the main reference point for your children, so taking care of you (your attitudes, choices, reactions and facial expressions for example) is of utmost importance.


All of this also applies to your attitudes about health and your body.  Do you trust in the amazing ability of your body to create perfect balance or are you content to put the control of your health, and your life, into the hands of someone, or something, else?  Honouring your body and recognizing that all it needs is as little interference as possible will allow you to express your full potential and live a joyful life.  I know this to be true and it is what I want for my children.  There are many ways to create this, one of which is getting yourself, and your children, adjusted.  You live your life through your nervous system so it certainly seems like a good place to start.  Both of my children were adjusted hours after they were born.   I have seen them handle illness, injury and many more of life’s stresses with very little interference.  It has not always been easy, but I know they are stronger because of it.


What are your beliefs?  What do you want for the health and life of your children?  Are you doing this for yourself?


With much love,

Dr. Warner

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