Bach Flower Rescue Remedy


I’ve used Rescue Remedy for years for many things. Sometimes for the effects of PMS or I just feel agitated or stressed or just plain bitchy, either way, Bach Flower Rescue Remedy helps. I don’t usually get stressed or nervous about going to the dentist, but my last apppointment I was worried about the needles. Yikes!! So I took it before I went. It also helped with that.

I’ve given it to my kids for nervousness before a event at school, awaken from a bad dream or when my son was flying to Europe. I sent some with him just in case  (he had never flown before) and I took it myself. I was a little stressed that day, just ask anyone who saw me that day.

My dog also has her own bottle. She is a little black terrier 20 lbs soaking wet. She hates thunder and lightening storms and fireworks. She shakes so badly when either of those are going on. I give her a few drops just to take the edge off. She is not impressed with the taste so I just put a few squirts in her mouth and she deals with it.

Rescue Remedy is actually a combination of five different natural remedies:

  • Star of Bethlehem (for shock) provides comfort and consolation
  • Rock Rose (for terror and panic) provides peace and fearlessness
  • Clematis (for faintness) provides focus
  • Impatiens (for undue agitation) provides patience
  • Cherry Plum (for hysteria or loss of self-control) provides calmness and composure

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