Backpack Safety

With the staggering rise in incidence of back pain among adolescents, it becomes important to address the issue of ‘back pack safety’.

Study or no study, simple biomechanics tells us that carrying around a heavy backpack each and every day has the ability to seriously strain even the most fit of individuals. Compound that with a young, developing frame and we have the possibility for injury.

The best advice is the simplest:

  •  Purchase a good quality backpack with padded arms and properly fit to their frame size.
  • WEAR the backpack correctly!

                  –> Both straps over the shoulders.

                  –> Position the bottom of the bag so it hits no lower than the top of the  waistband of their pants. (and we don’t mean the low riders)

  • Plan ahead so that they don’t end up carrying around unneeded books or supplies
  • Plan time to stretch and exercise to drop tension from the body
  • Listen to what your body is telling you. If it’s saying stop and rest for a second, do so.

Even if your child is not complaining of spinal aches or pains, be aware of the environment which affects your childs development. Of the 3 vectors of stress which most often create spinal nerve interference, postural stress & fatigue are common factors and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Above all, get your child checked for spinal subluxation., Undetected nerve interference causes damage to our nervous and skeletal systems, fatiguing and weakening us both physicaly and emotionally. Don’t leave your children at home to develope the problems your’ve come here to fix.

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