Benefits of Hot Water&Lemon

It can be difficult when you’re travelling to eat healthfully, stay properly hydrated, get enough exercise and sleep. Being away from home and routine can really take a toll on the body.

This long weekend we were out of town (for a family wedding) away from home and our usual routine. By the end of our stay I was really feeling the effects from that. One of the ways I like to get myself back on track is to drink hot water with 1/2 a squeezed lemon and a teaspoon of raw honey first thing in the morning.


The Benefits of Warm Water&Lemon:


  • It’s immune boosting because lemons are high in Vitamin C


  • Because lemons are an alkaline food, they work to balance the PH of your body. An alkaline body is essential to good health


  • Assists digestion. The warm water stimulates the GI tract (which keeps things moving!)


  • Gentle Detoxifier. Helps to flush wastes and other toxins out of the body


  • Starting your day off with a cup of hot water and lemon will hydrate you as opposed to a coffee which will pull water from the body leaving you dehydrated

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