Why Pediatric & Infant Care is So Important

There is one system in your child’s body that is in charge of accurately interpreting the messages coming from the environment and deciding which messages to send so the body appropriately adapts. That system is the Nervous System. It is the master control system of growth, repair and the function of every tissue and organ in the body.
Drs. Foster & Warner have undergone extensive training in order to become highly proficient at detecting and correcting one of the most common and often undetected causes of interference to a child’s nervous system, the vertebral subluxation.


What is a Subluxation?

If your child’s body is stressed, either by physical, chemical or emotional stresses, there may occur a loss of normal spinal bone position and movement or a significant increase in the tone of your spinal cord. This in turn causes a disturbance in nervous system function. This loss of normal function and accompanying neurological disturbance, are together, called Spinal Subluxation. This can impair your child’s nervous system from accurately receiving, processing and responding appropriately to changes taking place within their body and environment.


When Should Children Have Their First Chiropractic Check-Up?

One of the most physically, chemically and emotionally stressful events that we all go through in this life is being born. Because the birth process is unavoidably stressful, newborns are particularly susceptible to becoming subluxated during birth. Such stresses may not be immediately obvious and, if left uncorrected, may not become apparent for many years. To ensure your children get the right start in life, many progressive parents get their children checked by a chiropractor as part of post-natal care, to facilitate their optimum growth and development (see what is a chiropractic evaluation & chiropractic technology)


If your older children have not had a chiropractic check-up, the sooner the better. It has been shown that negative patterns, if laid down early in life, may persist and limit a child’s future growth on a number of levels throughout their lifetime.


By having subluxations corrected throughout childhood, your children will be better prepared to face all the challenges that life has to offer.


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