Chiropractic = The detection, correction, & prevention of Vetebral Subluxation…….nothing else.

Your body has an incredible wisdom within it, called your innate intelligence, which guides, directs, and protects you as you go on this journey life.


The introduction of chemicals, on a weekly/monthly/or ‘as needed’ basis, only serves to interfere with the natural healing mechanisms that occur within you. Although you may ‘temporarily’ feel like the pharmaceutical helped you, it is a form of ongoing chemical stress that degrades and taxes the body’s potential thus lessening its impact at the next sign of stress.


There are MANY forms of Chemical Stress that we face on an ongoing bases – the most common being:

  • Poor nutrition (sugar,dyes,preservatives,alcohol,refined products)
  • Environmental toxins (nitrous oxides, dioxins, pollutants, pesticides/herbicides)
  • Pharmaceutical ingestion (O-T-C drugs, prescription drugs, antibiotics & hormones in food and drink)

Above all these stresses interfere with the normal functioning of the Central Nervous System. Since we live our lives ‘through’our nervous system and rely on its functioning to direct proper organization and regeneration, it is imperative that we keep our nervous system’s SUBLUXATION FREE.


…… CHIROPRACTIC, bringing natural health to millions for over 100 years.


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