For What It’s Worth

Recently I’ve had two practice members ask me how I eat (or rather, what kind of food routine/habits I have).  Well, I’m not exactly sure it’s blog worthy but for what it’s worth I’ve attempted to give you a sense of the kind of dietary habits I usually have.  Maybe it’ll give you some ideas that you can integrate into your healthy regimen.


I have a few simple philosophies when it comes to food as fuel.  

1. Eat 70%+ vegetables


2. Limit crackers, pasta & breads.  I definitely eat bread but I find ezekiel bread works best in my system (sprouted bread).  I generally try to eat bread once per day at most.


3. When I make dinner I am always making enough for tomorrow’s lunches for all of us and I’m usually making a dual prep so that I can easily prepare the next day’s dinner.  In other words, if I’m roasting veggies for tonight’s dinner I’m also making enough so that I can do something with them for tomorrow’s dinner too. OR, if I prepping vegetables for a huge salad (make enough salad for at least 2-3 days) I’ll also cut extra vegetables to have on hand for snacking.


4. I attempt to keep homemade fresh veggie dips (hummus, black bean dip etc) and salad dressings on hand all the time to make things easier.


5. I am aware of the dirty dozen and the clean 15 when I am grocery shopping (google it if that is confusing).  This way I prioritize what I’m going to buy organic and what I’ll sometimes buy organic (when the price is decent).

6.  My food is one of my strongest foundational blocks.  Before I think about buying expensive and plentiful supplements I ensure my diet is as clean and chemical free as possible.  It’s worth spending money on and is a bigtime priority when it comes to my budget.


7.  I avoid dairy products (cheese included).  If I do have cheese its almost always goat cheese or goat/sheep feta.



Last week, these were my dinners (all homemade, of course!):


Veggie & Lentil Soup & salad, Coconut Cauliflower Chana, Spaghetti Squash with Pinenut Parm, Veg Chili & Quinoa, Salmon Burgers & Roasted Veg. We eat salad with nearly every dinner.  My lunches would be a small portion of each one of these meals as leftovers.  My snacks at the clinic will often include raw trail mix nuts, fruit, and vegetables/hummus.  I nearly always bring a smoothie to the clinic and keep it in the fridge. I’ll generally drink it around 4 pm.


Typical Smoothie contains:

almond milk, 2-3 TB flax oil, 2 TB bee pollen, 1/2 scoop vegan protein powder, 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup frozen fruit, 1 cup spinach or kale.

In the morning I start the day with water/lemon (I go on/off this healthy ritual.  Arg!  Currently, I’M ON IT!), Ezekiel english muffin (1 tsp coconut oil, smidgen of jam, 1 cup of coffee).  Very occasionally I’ll poach an egg on Ezekiel muffin and/or steel cut oats with almond milk.


During the day I’ll drink 2-2.5 litres of RO water & lemon and the occasional chai or herbal tea.  I also drink 1-2 green drinks per day (Genuine Health Greens O+ Acai blend OR Amazing Grass Goji).  I do this to stay hydrated & to attempt to keep my body alkalizing.  I love how much energy and clarity of thought I get when I stay properly hydrated and drink greens.


Treats: When I indulge it’s generally plain potato chips or avocado with plain nacho chips.


Is this information important?  Um … no, definitely not.  I’m sharing this information to share how it can look to eat unprocessed food with high nutrient density.  I’m not suggesting you eat like I do.  I do suggest that you eat consciously and plan accordingly.  It creates a significant amount of congruency in your lifestyle when you align your health goals with your actions.


xo DRF



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