Foster Family Chiropractic is Creating a Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Team!

What are you doing on Saturday, Sept 22nd, 2012?

Looking for a step UP goal? (that’s the kind of goal where you are edging yourself a little out of your comfort zone … growing opportunity!)



The FFC Chiropractic & Massage Therapy gang is going to take part in the Great Muskoka Relay (  Teams of 5+ will run the 100 km course continuously in one day.  There will be exchange zones throughout the route and each leg will vary in length from 8km – 13km.  And, most importantly everyone will be off the course before night fall allowing for a Saturday night awards ceremony / party!


We are already a confirmed team of 4. We can accept 6 more people on our team.  You DO NOT need to be a hotshot runner.  In fact, please don’t … we don’t want to look bad (lol).  You DO need to smile, be positive, enjoy life & want to try something a little outside the box! This event will cost $75/person BUT … you will get yourself out of the city & running 8-13 kms.  Check out all the details online before you commit but PLEASE consider it.


Drs Warner & Foster, Patty & Scott

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