Free From Physical Stress Workshop – UPCOMING!


Thursday, November 28th from 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Newmarket Community Centre, Hall #4


This seminar and hands-on workshop will send you on your way with the knowledge of how to strengthen, release and balance your body in such a way that you are free from physical stress.  Increase your overall oxygenation to your body. Improve your posture.  Change the biomechanics of your spinal column.  Balance out your rotator cuff muscles and chronic instabilities.  It’s possible and we will show you how!   We will begin with a short introductory seminar followed by an hour of small group hands on training.  We will have 3 stations:


1. Release & Renew – Using foam rollers, massage therapy balls and targeted stretching to open up the tightest areas of our posture, shoulders, feet and pelvis.


2. Core & Stability – Using your body weight to engage your core and optimize your balance and stability.  This is integral to functional strength and freedom of physical restriction.


3. Postural & Scapular Stability – You can release negative postural habits by strengthening the right postural muscles of the neck, thoracic, shoulder blades and rotator cuff. We will use body weight and rubber tubing to achieve the right engagement in the correct areas.


You will leave this seminar with simple, easy-to-follow information AND the know-how to continue this program onwards. This information will enhance your physical movement, range-of-motion, postural tension and ongoing chronic discomforts.  You will receive greater longevity from your chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy sessions.  It’s true!


Join Dr. Danielle Warner & Dr. Laura Foster for this invaluable workshop. It’s going to be FUN!


Wear running shoes, clothes you can easily move around in, water, yoga mat (if possible) and a notebook with pen!


$20 for FFC practice members;  $29 for community members


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2 Responses to Free From Physical Stress Workshop – UPCOMING!

  1. Rebecca Robinson
    - October 20, 2013 Reply

    Thank you Foster Chiropractic family for making Thursday evening an amazing and informative event! I feel much better and will continue the exercises that were taught. I am looking forward to the next session and encourage anyone who missed the Free from Physical Stress Workshop to come out and try the next one. The event was awesome!

    • Laura Foster
      - October 20, 2013 Reply

      You’re welcome Rebecca. Thank you for the feedback. DRF

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