Healthy Strategies for Travelling

I often hear the comment that its difficult to have a healthy regimen when travelling.  Agreed – it’s not simple, but it is possible.  I’m on vacation right now and one of our strategies is to rent condos or villas instead of always staying in a hotel room.  Not only is it usually more cost effective, but it also allows us to prepare breakfast, snacks and typically one other meal.  Here are some of my tips – hope you find something useful.


1. I pack a green drink powder (currently I have Amazing Grass Acai/Goji).  This is a superfood powder that I take 1-3 times per day to keep my body alkaline (away from acidic and inflammatory).  This time I have my little ‘Blender Bottle’ with me that allows me to shake up the greens with water and the juice of 1/2 a lemon.


2. I buy a small container of protein powder and some frozen berries when we get here.  We start the day with a smoothie for breakfast: protein powder, almond milk, banana, frozen fruit and large handful of spinach.  Blend and enjoy.

3. We purchase a large bag of lemons and/or grapefruit and consistently drink water & 1/2 a piece of citrus fruit.  We also keep plenty of raw food bars and raw nuts and seeds on hand for snacking.


Does this seem like a lot of work?  Maybe – depends on how you look at it.  It takes a little organization when you get to your destination but it is so worth it.  Starting the day with a healthy smoothie and staying hydrated with plenty of water and lemon keeps everyone’s energy in the positive and happy.  We still indulge … believe me.


So what do you do when you don’t have a kitchen when you travel? Well, I can answer that.  My husband travels for a living and he doesn’t have amenities.  He travels with his greens (powder), his vitamins, his probiotic and will seek out fresh juice bars and smoothies while he travels.  When he is in a city where there is a Whole Foods he makes a point of stopping by and getting healthy snacks onto the plane and for his hotel room.  It works!


As for exercise?  Well, we always pack our running shoes and ipods.  I also pack my garmin running watch because it motivates me – not necessary though!  We start everyday with some form of movement. On this trip our whole family has run 5-7 kms every morning before 9 am.  30-40 minutes isn’t much in the entire course of your day.  I also tend to travel with my elastic tubing/band.  I can strengthen every major muscle group with my band and finish off with plank/side plank & stretching.  Easy!


I realize that some of these strategies sound a little nuts to some people but it helps me stay on track.  Today we went to Disney World, but first we stopped at Whole Foods and got some yummy/healthy snacks for our backpack.  Did we buy anything at Disney?  You bet – I had a delicious caramel green apple and enjoyed EVERY minute of it.  True story 🙂


If you have any strategies please chime in.  I’d love to hear about it!


xo DRF


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