Here’s My Plan For The Summer!

When I think about maximizing my summer plans I make our health & vitality the #1 priority.  Here’s how I prepare myself & our family for a season of fun and sun!


Even though we are busy I preschedule my family’s chiropractic & massage appointments all the way to September. I look over my homeopathy supply and make sure I have everything I’ll possibly need: belladonna, calendula, apis, sulphur, arnica, ruta, rhus tox, phosphorus, hypericum, ledum and such. I put tea tree oil and oil of oregano in the first aid kit. If we are travelling I tuck a gel ice pack in the bag.


I allow for some down time each week and I load up the summer harvest foods: fresh local veggies, grilled seafood and lots of bright local berries.


If I’m going to drink alcohol, I pull out my vitamix and make fresh lemon/lime or ruby red grapefruit juice to have with a little vodka. Sometimes I mix an entire grapefruit instead … now we’re talking!


We start each day with a green drink (nano greens or Genuine Health O+ Acai Berry), EFA oil, Vitamin B complex and a probiotic. We mix a fresh smoothie packed with berries & veggie (spinach or kale) and hydrate well. It’s a great baseline for your entire day.


Sun is super beneficial and we get lots of exposure.  We wear hats and cover up a little when the rays are super strong or we use a little sunblock.  Most sunscreen is FILLED with super unhealthy ingredients.  I recommend the following types of sunblock: Aubrey Organics Green Tea Sunblock (Nature’s Emporium) and Dr. Mercola’s Green Tea Sunblock (available online).  They work SUPER AWESOME.


Bottom line – Relax and Enjoy.  Set an intention for how you want your summer to feel and look.  Create a rhythm and a plan for keeping everyone’s health at peak performance and you’ll feel like your summer invigorated your soul.


See you on the chiropractic table! xo DRF

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