Holistic Nutrition Now At FFC!


We are pleased to announce that Valerie Piccitto, RHN is now accepting new clients at Foster Family Chiropractic! Valerie is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and she offers  one-on-one nutritional counselling, nutritional assessments, personalized meal plans, informational seminars and more!


Some conditions an RHN can help you with are:


*Fatigure/low energy                              *Digestive upset(e.g., bloating, heartburn, gas, etc.)


*Constipation and/or diarrhea                *Menopause and/or PMS


*Depression or irritability                        *Frequent illness/infections


*Skin Problems(e.g., acne, eczema etc.)  *Food/Sugar Cravings


*Hypoglycemia                                         *Poor diet/Nutritional deficiencies


*Stress Management                               *Sleep disorders


*Joint pain                                                *Weight loss/gain


*Pre/Post natal nutrition                       *Children: hyperactivity, food sensitivities + more!


All of these symptoms can be linked to food and nutrition. Improving the way you eat can easily improve your current condition.

If you have any further questions, concerns or would like to book an appointment please contact our front desk at 905-898-8098.

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