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How to Stay Healthy & Vital During the Holidays

The period between October 31-January 31st is prime time for the marketed “cold & flu season.” Don’t buy into it. It’s not like the viruses and bacteria are making a migration to your area. Its prime time for a run of poor lifestyle habits that make you susceptible to ill health.


The onslaught of overindulgence in sugar begins at Halloween and barely gets a reprieve before the late Nov/December Christmas parties begin. This continues onwards into January until we decide we feel awful and want to climb out of the haze of discomfort and dis-ease (cue New Year’s resolutions).


The Nov-Jan time period is often filled with immune suppressing activities: decreased sleep, increased stress (from overspending/poor eating/relationship stress), too much sugar/alcohol and a general decrease in healthy habits. We feel too busy to exercise our bodies/minds/digestive systems. We feel it isn’t the time to kick health into high gear. Some of us feel we’ll succumb to reckless abandon for one last time and really get onboard come January. Unfortunately these lifestyle choices make you a perfect breeding ground for ill health – an open door for the thousands of viruses and bacteria that exist in our environment 365 days a year.


So … don’t buy into it. You are strong, healthy and vital. Treat your mindbody with the respect it deserves and stick to your healthy habits during the holidays. Indulge! … a little, but don’t make indulgence your norm. Exercise 4-5x/week (even just 30 min), get adjusted regularly (it boosts your immune system HUGE and releases stress across your nervous system), meal plan (healthy eating doesn’t happen by accident), budget (and stick to it) and do what truly makes you happy during the holidays.


You aren’t going to get sick … you’re going to stay healthy because that’s the way you were designed to be.


Just a little food for thought … xo DRF

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