Meals that Heal Inflammation by Julie Daniluk

Did you know that virtually every health condition from asthma to irritable bowel syndrome is linked to inflammation?  When inflammation gets out of control, the result is pain and discomfort.  This comprehensive book is packed with meals that can assist the body’s healing process.  Extensively researched and full of reference charts, diagnostic quizzes, food comparison lists, and the latest information about the healing properties of everyday foods, Meals That Heal Inflammation is an essential addition to every kitchen.


“This book is indispensable for anyone wanting to get to the root of illness. Extremely well written and documented, Julie’s book makes it easy to learn how to reverse inflammation naturally.”
Zoltan P. Rona, M.D.,M.Sc.


FFC practice members have been thoroughly enjoying Julie’s book, Meals that Heal Inflammation.


Our shelves are stocked once again so you can now pick up this must read with 20% off for the month of August!


The FFC & Associates Team

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