My Favorite Fall Comfort Foods

I adore the Summer! So it’s always extremely difficult for me to let go and embrace a new season. However, I do love so many aspects about the Fall especially certain comfort foods that only suit cooler seasons.


Here are two of my favourite Fall comfort foods, they are warming, nutritious, yummy but best of all – QUICK!


1) Homemade Non-Dairy Chai Tea Latte.


Now, I’m not one for really measuring LOL. But here’s what I generally do:

1 cup of Vanilla almond milk

loose leaf organic chai tea (tea bags would also work)

sprinkle with cinnamon

garnish with 2 cinnamon sticks

Heat your vanilla almond milk on low-medium heat (don’t allow to boil).

Place your loose leaf tea in the pot and allow to steep to desired strength.

Once this is done, strain out the loose leaf tea or take the tea bags out and pour into your favourite mug. If you own a frother (they are inexpensive!), go ahead and froth your latte. Top it off with cinnamon and garnish with cinnamon sticks! It’s seriously that easy! And honestly so delicious!


2) Oatmeal


Like most people, I’m rushing around first thing in the morning trying to get myself on the go. Breakfast is SO important, I never skip it. Oatmeal is great because it’s loaded with B Vitamins and fibre. It’s a really nice way to start your day because it regulates blood sugar levels, keeps you sustained and offers you tons of energy.

I use PC organic quick oats (pretty much follow the package)

I top it off with a little almond milk, ground flaxseed, cinnamon and drizzle with just a bit of 100% pure Canadian maple syrup. It’s extremely satisfying, warming and very tasty.

I really love when healthy&nourishing meets quick&delicious and these two recipes do just that! These are my Fall comfort foods and I hope you enjoy them too!

XO – Valerie, RHN

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