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With Pathways to Family Wellness magazine, practitioners in your community are hosting Pathways Gathering Groups so families can come together and share their experiences and visions for conscious living choices.



Join our Newmarket circle with Dr. Danielle Warner

Fall Dates To Be Announced.


Pathways to Family Wellness’ Vision

Pathways envisions a world of thriving, empowered families who easily connect to the inner and outer resources, practitioners and supportive community needed to create wholeness on all levels of existence. We believe stepping onto our personal pathway to wellness is a consciousness-raising act with the power to regenerate and transform ourselves, our families, our communities and our world. With our holistic and expansive vision as our guide, Pathways collaborates with consciousness leaders, cutting-edge scientists and researchers, families on their conscious path, holistic practitioners and dynamic nonprofit organizations to bring the most current insights into wellness to our readers.


How Does Pathways Connect Work?

1. Pathways Connect is a nonprofit, educational, wellness program and is free to parents.

2. Pathways Connect is a turn-key program because of the outstanding resources provided for participants through your community health care provider.

3. Gathering Groups are self-directed and may decide for themselves how to respectfully share their individual insights for creating family wellness. Groups meet quarterly, monthly or weekly to discuss issues most important to their family wellness lifestyle. The practices that are hosting these gatherings offer complimentary Pathways magazines and a Dialogue and Resource Guide with each quarterly issue.

4. Pathways Connect Gathering Groups are free to parents because they are sponsored by members of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, ICPA, or the Holistic Pediatric Alliance, HPA.

Parents, take this opportunity to meet like-minded community members and utilize these groups to build social and health connections. Participation at Pathways Connect Gathering Groups does not require membership or fees of any kind…ever. Come, take some time out of your day to nourish and expand your parenting options.

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