Reminder to Dr. Foster’s Practice Members

Dr Foster is away from

Wed., October 31st – Friday, November 9th.


While I am away the FABULOUS Dr. Sonja Zab will be taking care of my practice members. Although she is somewhat new to a few of our practice members, she is anything but new in her expertise! She is a phenomenal TRT adjustor, highly trained in pediatric and maternity care, and a woman who LIVES the chiropractic lifestyle in EVERY way. Make sure you make the most of your chiropractic visit – ask her a million questions and ENJOY YOUR adjustments.



While I’m away my family and I will be stepping it up with Tony Robbins for four days then kicking it with Mickey at Disney World. Whew! Thank goodness I scheduled in a day of rest when we get back.


Stay warm, dry & thankful we are all safe & sound in quiet Ontario!

xo DRF

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