Strawberry Season … something to consider for optimal health

STRAWBERRIES are here in our area and when you live north of the 49th parallel, this is a SHORT season.  My nutrition motto is: I choose to nourish my body with water dense, nutrient rich food.  Whenever possible this involves local organic food.


Our bodies work best when they aren’t constantly bombarded with pesticide, genetically modified and irradiated food.  Chemical and metabolic assault on the human body causes the nervous system to work at a suboptimal level.  One of the most common reasons for discord and distress in the body.  SO, when you can … choose local and choose organic.  PLUS … its super duper yummy. True story.


FYI – Strawberries are considered one of the DIRTY DOZEN produce.  This is definitely something to think about when you are choosing where to spend your money.


There are several great organic York Region farms to consider. Organics Family Farm is one of them and their organic strawberries are ready!  Other considerations: Beretta Organic Farms.  Also, Avalon Organic Apple Orchards just north of Bradford is one my family’s favourites come apple picking season.  There are many more – just ask around or look online. Often times the local Aurora and Newmarket farmer’s markets have some organic choices.


Enjoy. xo DRF

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