The Messages Around Us

I think it’s a rather interesting reality that full page ads declare that DRUGS ARE GOOD.  I’m certain thousands of people will pause on this double page advertisement and not fully register the ridiculousness of such a statement.  Yes, I realize there is reference to children taking their parent’s medications, but really, why wouldn’t they?  When they have grown up in a culture that supports mass amounts of medication it becomes natural for them to go towards it when they are hurting, lonely or unfulfilled.


You know what’s better than drugs?  Innate Intelligence.

Real healing & vitality comes from within.  It isn’t cultured in pills, potions & lotions … you already posses it.    The notion that our body heals itself from the outside in is a marketing campaign put on by businesses that profit from fear.  

Now days, we are inundated with ongoing blatant and subtle messages that prepare us for the inevitable decline of human function. It’s not true.  Humans can live unbelievably vital lives far beyond the century mark.  It does require a level of consciousness on our part.  It also requires being responsible for our choices and a sense of self responsibility.


If you aren’t happy with your level of health & vitality, seek out new information.  Examine your habits & actions.  Dream a new dream for yourself.  Become educated on modalities that support your body’s inner healing mechanisms.  Ask for mentorship.  It’s possible to live more consciously – it’s available to you.


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