The Real Skinny On Weight Loss


When I tell people I’m studying towards my Nutrition degree one of the first things they ask me about are my weight loss secrets. So here it is, I’m going to share exactly what I’ve learned about weight loss through my program.


There is no quick fix, no magic pill, no crazy restrictive diet! If you really want to lose weight and keep it off then it has to be a lifestyle change – plain and simple.


Here are my top 10 holistic and effective weight loss tips:


1. Realistic Expectations. Don’t undermine yourself before you’ve even begun by setting up unrealistic expectations for yourself. Try and accept who you are right now – not how you used to be and not how you hope to be. This will only set you up to fail. Your criteria for success should not be the number you see on your scale. Instead, I encourage you to check in with yourself – how are you feeling? How is your energy level? How are you feeling in your clothes?


2. Hydration. Increase your daily water intake. Hydration is key to weight loss as it helps to flush toxins and wastes from your body.


3. Focus on whole and unprocessed foods. Loads of fruits, vegetables, greens and complex carbohydrates. Avoid packaged and refined foods. Look to plant based proteins such as legumes and nuts. Buy high quality meat and fish and watch the portion size (a serving is about the size of your fist).


4. Speaking of portion size. First off, make sure 50% of your plate is vegetables (raw or lightly steamed is best). As I mentioned above if you’re eating meat or fish restrict your portion size. Focus on chewing your food to a paste so that it gets metabolized properly. Above all else, do not overeat! Overeating stresses your system to the max. Take your time and listen to your body for the signal that tells you when you have had enough.


5. Movement. Aim for 30-60 minutes of exercise at least 4 times a week. Find something you enjoy doing such as yoga, pilates, walking, cycling, swimming etc. You can join a gym or take a dancing class but remember if you enjoy what it is you’re doing, you’re more likely to keep at it. Proper nutrition combined with regular physical activity is the real key behind maintaining a sound weight.


6. Eat smaller meals throughout your day and more often. This is key to maintaining your blood sugar levels and thus staving off cravings for things like sugar and caffeine which will inhibit your weight loss goals.


7. Sugar. Avoid refined sugars. If need be, replace with natural sweeteners such as stevia, raw honey, agave nectar or maple syrup. Sugar is not only an immune suppressor but it’s also empty calories.


8. Healthy fats. The idea is not to avoid all fats. There are healthy fats needed in our diet and then there are bad fats. Avoid anything that says hydrogenated and anything that’s fried. Healthy fats include things like nuts, seeds and avocados.


9. Patience. Remember true weight loss does not happen overnight. It will take time, perseverance, self love and above all else investing in YOURSELF!


10. A qualified nutritionist can work with you to help you reach your health goals and make the transition to healthy living easier and more enjoyable.




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