The Vertebral Subluxation

Our bodies want to be healthy. They naturally strive to maintain the highest level of health they can. Sometimes, however, obstacles are put in their way. The result is dis-ease. The role of chiropractic is to correct one of the major sources of those obstacles: the vertebral subluxation.




Instructions from our brain are sent to all parts of the body as electrical impulses. These impulses travel along the spinal cord, which subdivides into individual nerve fibers throughout the body.


The spinal cord is protected by a “tunnel” of small, interlocking bones called the spinal column. The individual bones are called vertebrae. Nerves branch off from the spinal cord through small openings between the vertebrae. When each vertebra is in its proper position, the nerve fiber passes through without a problem. Nerve impulses can flow freely, racing to and from the brain at incredible speeds.


Although the spinal column is a sturdy structure, individual vertebrae can become misplaced. When that happens, it’s called a vertebral subluxation. One of the most common causes of vertebral subluxation is automobile accidents. Yet, many everyday activities can result in subluxations as well. Picking up heavy objects, taking part in sports, and even sitting for prolonged periods at a desk can all put stress on the vertebrae.




When spinal bones are not in their proper place, the openings between them can narrow. The vertebrae can impinge on the nerves branching out from these spaces. This is commonly, though inaccurately, known as a “pinched nerve.”


This interferes with the normal flow of energy along the nerve fibers. Messages traveling along the nerves will be distorted. If the full, normal energy flow cannot pass to and from the brain, some part of the body will be adversely affected.


We do not understand the human body well enough to predict exactly what effect a subluxation will have. The nervous system is far too complex for that. But we do know that any change in the flow of nerve energy has to result in an abnormal change in body function.


Sometimes, the fact that there is nerve interference becomes obvious. We experience pain, soreness, irregularity, weakness, digestive disturbances or other health imbalances.


These are symptoms of the body’s dis-ease. They are NOT problems in themselves. They are outward alarms that a part of the human system isn’t working right.


Ignoring these symptoms, or silencing them with pills, doesn’t do anything to help the real problem. Unless we get to the root of the problem — the nerve interference — the affected organ will continue to function improperly and its health will decline.


The Silent Killer


Unfortunately, there are many cells and organs in the body that do not send out any alarms to alert us that they are not functioning at 100% capacity. Because of vertebral subluxations, they will not be receiving a normal flow of energy. The instructions from the body’s Innate Intelligence will not be getting through properly.


If a subluxation continues undetected, the organ may suffer great damage, yet we won’t even be aware of it! Because subluxations can destroy a person’s health without any visible signs, they are often called “the silent killer.”


If you wait until your body sends out pain or other clear signals, it may too late. You need to stop subluxations before they have a chance to do major damage and before they become difficult to correct.


You — and your entire family — need to visit a chiropractor regularly to make sure you can all lead a healthy, subluxation-free life.

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