The WHY Behind Getting Chiropractic Adjustments: Have You Heard It Put This Way?

 I love having the discussion about the ‘why’ behind getting chiropractic adjustments. Over the years I’ve changed my repertoire of things I say. In the end I’ve paraphrased my friend Piper & eventually I’ve brought it down to an expression that basically says:

A fabulous, well intentioned chiropractic adjustment will remind your nervous system who you really are. It’s a soul connection. Your chiropractor and the chiropractic adjustment simply serve to facilitate that remembering.

The primary intent of our work as tonal chiropractors is to progressively reduce blockages and tension in the entire spinal system, to release trapped unresolved patterns in the body/mind, and to facilitate reintegration of the nervous system, allowing a greater expression of one’s healing and performance capabilities. 

xo DRF

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