sonja zab

Upcoming: Dr. Sonja Zab is adjusting Dr. Foster’s Practice Members

Dear FFC Practice Members,


Dr. Sonja Zab is covering Dr. Foster’s practice on Thursday, September 13th from 7:30-11:30am.  She is a fabulous family chiropractor who is excited to join our practice as our long term locum doctor.


Our ‘already fabulous’ Dr. Danielle Warner will also be adjusting for DRF on Friday, Sept 14th.  This is extremely unusual for me to have 2 different chiropractors cover my practice – it’s not our new usual!


When I am away from my practice I like to have as much consistency as possible, but in this case – it was unavoidable.  Have no fear – they are both super awesome & will take amazing care of you!



Yours in health,   Dr. Laura Foster

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