What Motivates Change

Information is essential, but information alone is not a powerful motivator for change.  When we sat down and worked through the layout of our SHIFT workshop we were clear on the concept that what we didn’t want to create a day that was simply a “top-down-cascade of information”.  The reason being is that neither one of us feels that information alone creates change.


I can draw on my own experiences.  I’ve made some significant ‘shifts’ in my own life.  All of them occurred when I simply ‘decided’ that I could not tolerate the situation I’d created.  I drew the proverbial ‘line in the sand’ and I decided TODAY I was making a change.  Yes, I gathered some information and I made my game plan, but it was my mindset – not just ‘information’ that made the difference.


MINDSET is crucial.  In my opinion, SHIFT begins (& ends) with your mindset (or as I like to think: your mindbody set). That’s where we’ll begin when we venture forth on October 14th for our ‘SHIFT to Your Unlimited Potential’.  You’ll get information, building blocks, guidance & INSPIRATION.  It’ll come from Jenn & I, the person sitting to your left & right, and the one rooted deep down in the socks you’ll put on that day.  


This program has been a long time in the making.  It’s been percolating around in our heads for YEARS.  The truth is, it’s as exciting for me as it is for any one person attending.  I still seek guidance, information & mentorship from Jenn – as she does from me. I know many of you attending and I am excited to launch this day with you & make it worthwhile.  Life is full of endless possibilities.  Whatever you can conceive in your mind, you can make possible in your actions.


We have TWO spots left for SHIFT.  Monday is the last day to be able to sign up at the EARLY bird rate of $149.  Come Tuesday, its $179.  IF you are interested in investing in yourself – your health, your joy & your potential – go onto and sign up/pay online RIGHT NOW or call into FFC on Monday morning 905-898-8098 or Simplicity Yoga & Fitness Therapy Studio 905-476-9200 to sign up & pay.


If you have a question about the program or simply want us to email you and tell you to get your behind to the registration site, email us: or


You rock! Just sayin,  DRF



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