I am consistently reminded that many people have different views on health and vitality than I do.


My perspective as an individual/mother/chiropractor is that I am well.  This is independent of whether or not I have symptoms or current illness (flu/cold/whatever).  I truly believe that I am a ‘well’ person.  My body knows what to do to heal itself.  Nothing outside of my body is more powerful than what I am capable of creating from within.  It knows what is best for my overall well being.  Why do I know this?  I just do.  Plus I’m 43 years old and my body has never shown me evidence to the contrary.  I also know that because I believe this, its what I expect.  In other words, its where I put my energy and where energy goes, life flows.

So, what happens when you put your energy into the belief that you body is incapable of healing itself against whatever comes your way?  Well, … you will find evidence to support your belief.  For example, if you believe your body is fallible then when you get a fever as a result of being exposed to a cold virus, you see the fever as a sign that your body is weak, suppressed and in need of an anti-fever medication (Tylenol, Ibuprofen).  On the other hand, if you believe your body is intelligent and capable, you interpret that same fever as being the sign that your body knows exactly how to make the environment inhospitable for the cold virus.  Similar situation with two different expectations and the ‘proof’ to back up your perspective.


The same holds true for emotions.  If you are looking for pain, suffering, annoying situations, grumpy salespeople and frustration, you WILL find it.  (where energy goes, life flows).


If you are looking for joy and gratitude … you will find that too.  There is one thing I am 100% certain of.  Everyone just wants to feel love and be loved.  Everyone wants more joy in their life.  Joy and fulfillment are a choice.  Its as much a philosophy about life as the decision to see yourself as ‘well’.    What you seek, you will find.



Just a thought, DRF

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