Where Subconscious & Conscious Unite: Your Chiropractic Adjustment

The next time you climb up onto a chiropractic table for your chiropractic adjustment, do so with intention.  Know that by lying on your stomach, placing your spinal column in neutral, relaxing your forearms onto the rests and exhaling the stress and tension of the day, that you are preparing yourself for a full system reset.  Feel free to chit chat and connect, but better yet, connect with yourself.  We are here for YOU – not vice versa, and it’s not necessary to fill the space with words.  After all, it’s your time to take in the energy and specificity of the adjustment and let your body and innate do its thing.


That’s the amazing thing about chiropractic adjustments, they work whether you consciously direct them or not.


With each contact during your visit, a resonating effect of release and reset occurs – creating a ripple effect that reverberates far beyond the spinal column.  When the adjustment meets the spinal subluxation the effect is magical.  The release occurs on such a level that who you are physically, chemically, metabolically and mentally/emotionally is changed.  Your nervous system responds – working its way closer and closer towards natural balance.  This is a place where healing and rejuvenation is maximized, performance is optimized and who you truly are is revealed.



Allow me to repeat myself: the next time you climb up onto a chiropractic table for your next chiropractic adjustment, do so with intention.  Partner with the adjustment – imagine your mindbody in harmony, feel breath and energy unite and envision your innate intelligence healing all that exists. When you do this with such conscious intent the effect is magnified.  See you on the table.


With love,


Laura Foster, DC

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