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This workshop is a combination of stretching and opening using a variety of apparatus as well as the strengthening of your small spinal stabilizers that together will improve your posture, decrease instability and heal poor joint mechanics. You will leave this workshop with a specific understanding of how to support your spine and frame to reduce injury, improve balance and coordination and improve your posture.

Bring your workout clothes because the doctors will be doing hands-on training with you to learn how to support your spine, balance out your rotator cuff/shoulder/neck region and open your hips and pelvis. Your feet and calves will also get a workout.


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January 23 2018 @ 7:30pm

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EAT WELL WEBINAR – In this 75-minute live webinar you will learn targeted nutrition strategies to significantly leverage your health. Dr. Laura Foster will discuss the 10-basic habits of fueling and hydration that stimulate metabolism, decrease pain, improve joint and spinal function, stabilize blood sugar, normalize cholesterol, elevate immunity and support healthy aging in the mind and body. This program has been adapted from her ever-popular live EAT WELL workshop and updated to reflect current changes in science and nutrition. She will also discuss her recommendations for baseline supplementation and the daily health habits that create a healthier, more vibrant level of health. Even if you cannot view this webinar live, by registering you will automatically be sent the webinar recording to your email inbox.


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THINK WELL – Have you ever wanted to incorporate strategies that make you more resilient to the effects of stress? These strategies can dramatically diminish the way stress affects your nervous system. In 90 minutes we will give you our top strategies as well as incorporate the newest research out there on healthy aging and brain health. These are techniques and habits that you can incorporate immediately to create lasting results.


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