Think Well Series

Think Well Workshop: Family Matters and Me

Led by Mickey Eves

Upcoming Dates: TBA

An evening of strategies to create space for more ease and joy in your family life AND strategies to reclaim who YOU are beyond your family responsibilities. Family life is truly one of the most coveted unions, however, for as much as it can be loving, joyful and fulfilling it can also be crazy, chaotic, hectic and downright frustrating at times. With busy and full days, homes to up-keep, jobs to be done, others’ needs to be met, tempers and attitudes of cranky kids to navigate and so much more it can be easy to lose those warm and fuzzy feelings.  Come and discover some easy ways to reconnect with your kids, family unit and yourself. 

We will discuss: 

  • Communication with your kids
  • The importance of mindfulness
  • How to implement mindfulness in family life
  • The importance of delegating responsibilities
  • Creating clarity beyond the busy-ness. 

About Mickey Eves

Mickey is a heart-based leader who empowers children and adults to embrace the best version of themselves. With a focus on positive psychology she assists those she is working with to identify their unique gifts and talents while creating an internal environment where a healthy self-esteem can thrive. 

With a goal to reach as many people as possible, Mickey has created a wide stream of products and services to help children, teens, adults and families. 

She is an author and illustrator of many children’s books, the creator of Healing Sprites; plush characters that come with a variety of guided audios to support your emotional well-being, Mindfulness Matters; an online video program for the entire family to learn and grow together, and downloadable guided audios for healthy emotional guidance and wellbeing. She also offers in-person workshops and individual personal development session. Mickey is skillful and passionate about helping others. She uses a lighthearted yet powerful look at life to create effective, positive and lasting change. She helps others to understand the power of active imagination and its ability to create very real responses. Through mindfulness, laughter and love, she has a way of bringing simplicity and purpose to life. 

Think Well Workshop: Letting Your Heart Lead the Way

Led by Mickey Eves

Upcoming Dates: TBD

This workshop is an evening to discover the power of your heart-led communications.

When you listen to the wisdom of your body, mind and spirit, amazing things can unfold. Come and spend an evening and learn effective and practical ways to tap into and amplify your ability to ask for and receive information from your body’s wisdom. 

Included in the evening are discussions around: 

  • The amazing power of your imagination
  • Clearing up your communication to yourself and others
  • Grounding your energy with your breath Heart coherence 
  • Come away with new strategies to apply to your daily life, with time that already exists in your day, to improve your overall health, wellness and happiness.