We believe that you were born to be healthy and that healing involves growing, changing, redefining, and expanding; it is a return to wholeness. It is our heartfelt intention that the experiences you have in our clinic allow you to live, flourish and realize your highest personal potential. Wherever that takes you and whatever that looks like is truly up to you. We serve by adjusting, educating, supporting and facilitating whatever you’d like to create.

COVID-19 Protocols

FFC’s current COVID-19 Protocols are as follows:

  • All practitioners, front desk staff and patients undergo COVID-19 symptom screening & sanitize hands before entering the facility.
  • Face masks are required for everyone in the clinic at all times (we have one for you if you forget) and hand sanitizer is available throughout the office.
  • We are sanitizing pens and ALL surfaces between patients.
  • We are currently limiting our capacity to 10 people total at one time in the clinic. In order to ensure that this happens, we ask that patients call the office before entering.
  • We ensure that there is always a room available to go into so that physical distancing can be maintained and have designated areas for people to stand in order to maintain that distance at all times.

Together as a team, we offer an exceptional chiropractic experience. We inspire wellness, and promote healing — extraordinary health is our goal.

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Join us for one of our in-person workshops in Newmarket, where you learn the fundamentals of strengthening your stabilizer muscles, as well as focusing on our diaphragmatic and breathing muscles.

Intro to Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a form of healthcare that focuses on the role that the nervous system and spinal motion plays in sustaining health. Its primary objective is the removal of any interference to the nervous system, and normal healthy function.
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Current Hours For Our Chiropractors: 

Dr. Danielle Warner:

  • Tuesday: 7:30-10 am & 3-6pm
  • Wednesday: 3-6pm
  • Thursday: 12-5:30pm
  • Friday: 7-10am
  • Saturday: 8-11:30 am

Dr. Rachel Ramsey:

  • Monday: 730-10am & 2-6pm
  • Wednesday: 9am-12pm
  • Thursday: 7:30-1130am
  • Friday: 12-5:30pm

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