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1. What can I expect at my first visit?

New Patient Evaluation

All new patient appointments begin with a consultation and history. Following this is a complete evaluation including: orthopedic and neurological examination, spinal range-of-motion, computerized Surface EMG, Heart Rate Variability and Thermography. Spinal motion palpation and a postural evaluation will also be performed. Once the evaluation is complete a full report is prepared, and the information is given to you with recommendations and health strategies on your follow-up visit. This information will allow you to make a full and informed decision regarding your care. Please allow one hour of your time for your first visit.

Our Success Indicator – Progress Evaluations

Done on an ongoing basis, this visit includes consultation, computerized Surface EMG & Thermography, range-of-motion and all other applicable examination factors. Evaluation concludes with your chiropractic adjustment and a thorough discussion of your progress and future recommendations.

Patient Confidentiality

Doctors, practitioners and FFC front desk employees adhere to a strict confidentiality policy. This policy enables our practice members to seek care from our clinic recognizing that we will not share private information about you to anyone outside our clinic without your written acknowledgement. If you are concerned about any aspect of your care we encourage you to speak with your practitioner or to Dr. Danielle Warner directly

2. What Techniques Do the Doctors Use to Adjust Practice Members?

The doctors use a variety of traditional and gentle based techniques. We mainly use a gentle based technique called Torque Release Technique. We also utilize several other techniques which are appropriate for infants, children, seniors and pregnant moms. Whichever the method, all techniques will be discussed with practice members prior to their commencement of care.

About Torque Release Technique

TRT is considered non-manipulative: the emphasis is in communicating new corrective information through gentle touch or a light thrust by a handheld instrument. After each adjustment, the body is given time to process the adjustment. The ripple effect continues long after you get off the table.

The primary intent of this work is to progressively reduce blockages and tension in the entire spinal system, to release trapped unresolved patterns in the body/mind, and to facilitate reintegration of the nervous system, allowing a greater expression of one’s healing and performance capabilities.

3. How Should I Feel After An Adjustment?

After an adjustment you may experience a feeling of deepening peace and relaxation. This relaxed feeling may last for the rest of the day or the week and may lead to deep refreshing sleep.

Others may find that the problems that they came to the chiropractor for have begun to lessen and there are some people who feel no difference after an adjustment. That does not necessarily mean that they are not benefiting from their adjustments, it just means that they’re not feeling any external reaction.

A small minority may feel discomfort or muscle soreness, or some other uncomfortable feeling; their body is letting them know that it is being challenged to change.

As You Continue Your Chiropractic Care

As you continue your chiropractic care and your spine and nervous system continue to release deep-seated stresses as part of your healing process, you may begin to notice:

  • Better balance, improved coordination and more energy.
  • Increased awareness of your spine, its movements, areas of tightness and/or restrictions.
  • Increased ability to breathe more deeply and more awareness of your breathing.
  • Increased awareness of your body stress.
  • More emotional relaxation.

Ultimately you may spontaneously change your eating habits, feel an increased desire to exercise, go for walks or become more sensitive to your work and leisure.

4. Do you work with insurance companies and bill directly?

Workers Compensation and Auto Accident Claims

On an individual basis we will accept WSIB and auto accident claims. In these circumstances we will bill and collect payment on your behalf directly from your insurer. Payment from the patient is not expected at the time of service when the claim has been opened and accepted by your insurer.

Extended Health Care Benefits

You may have full or partial coverage of your chiropractic care under the plan offered by you or your spouse’s employer. We suggest you call your insurer for full information. To assist you in obtaining these benefits we will supply you with a comprehensive and detailed invoice on a regular basis which you then present to your insurer for reimbursement.

5. How Can Chiropractic Care Address Breech Presentation?

The Webster Technique is a gentle ligament release & adjusting protocol that has shown to be effective in reducing in-utero constraint. In-utero constraint is due to the transfer of tension that may exist across the uterine/abdominal area from stress imposed upon it from surrounding ligaments and improper sacral (pelvic) position. It has been associated with a high incidence of fetus’ that are in breech or abnormal fetal position.

If in-utero constraint is determined to be present, the Webster Technique is implemented to remove the restraining forces, thus allowing the baby to establish the preferred head-down position. It’s that easy!

Dr. Warner and Dr. Ramsey are certified in the analysis and utilization of the Webster Technique.

6. Is it safe to take my baby to a chiropractor?


7. Can a Chiropractor help stop my baby from crying so much?


8. Can a Chiropractor help correct my posture?


9. How can a Chiropractor help decrease my risk of Falling?

For many older individuals, their quality of life is tied closely to their ability to move around freely and avoid injuries related to falling. Regular Chiropractic Care can help you improve balance and maintain your independence so you can continue to enjoy the life you have created.


10. I heard that once you go to a Chiropractor you will have to go for the rest of your life. Is that true?

Ultimately, it is entirely up to you to decide how you want to benefit from Chiropractic Care. We are here to support you on whichever journey you choose. Many practice members decide to include regular chiropractic adjustments as part of their ongoing strategies to stay feeling good and optimize how their nervous system and body is functioning.


11. Can a Chiropractic Adjustment help with Hypertension and High Blood Pressure?


12. What is Heart Rate Variability?


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Great chiropractic Doctors and friendly competent staff. Adjustments done extremely well and the scans show what's happening with my body very clearly. Welcoming environment - no matter your age or condition!


Dr. Warner and her Team are absolutely amazing. They have taken care of me and my boys since they both were 3 months old. I can not speak more highly of the care they give to us. We look forward to our visits!


Dr. Ramsey and the whole team at Foster family chiropractic care have been nothing short of exceptional. My infant has been thriving since going to see Dr. Ramsey. Cannot say enough good things about this practice.


Started here many years ago, stopped for a couple years and realized just how much I missed seeing Dr Warner and Dr. Foster before that but even more missed how my body felt. Dr Warner has been exceptional in answering questions, sending me information and helping me get healthy. Thank you so much. Highly recommend Foster chiropractic.


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