Massage Therapy

What Is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is the manual manipulation of the body’s soft tissue structures through a variety of techniques ranging from relaxing to rehabilitative. The soft tissues include muscle, skin, tendons, fascia, ligaments and joint capsules.

With Massage Therapy the soft tissue’s function, flexibility and overall circulation increases. Your Massage Therapist’s goal is to help you feel good, be it as support while recovering from an injury, or helping you to enjoy an enhanced feeling of well-being and relaxation.

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How Can Massage Therapy Help Me?

Massage therapy can be beneficial to people of all ages and conditions and is widely used to help obtain relief from many specific problems, including:

  • Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and tendonitis
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Muscle and related conditions such as spasms, strains and sprain
  • Back pain
  • Repetitive strain injury
  • Circulatory and Respiratory problems
  • Pregnancy and labour discomfort
  • Post-injury and post surgical rehabilitation

Our Techniques

All our Massage Therapists are trained in a wide range of treatments from pre and post-natal care to sports injuries. Swedish massage techniques, fascial techniques, rhythmic mobilizations and trigger point therapy are a few of the more commonly used techniques. Each treatment and its techniques will vary depending on your specific condition. If you are unable to lie down or need special consideration for your care, this can be easily accommodated.

Patient Fees (plus HST)

  • 30 Minutes: $48.68
  • 45 MInutes: $66.38
  • 60 Minutes: $84.07
  • 90 Minutes: $123.89

*It is recommended that a new Patient books for a full hour, which will include full history, examination and hands on!

Gift Certificates are available

please consult our front desk staff.

Cancellation Policy

Please be advised that we have a 24 hour missed appointment/cancellation policy. Full fees will be applied if 24 hours notice is not given.

Insurance Coverage

Many insurance companies & group health plans offer benefits that pay in full or part for your Massage Therapy. The information is generally listed under “Paramedical” or “Other Health Services”. For some plans a prescription from a MD is needed. There is no OHIP coverage for massage therapy services.

Please be advised that we are not currently offering massage therapy at FFC and will update this status as soon as it changes.  If you would like an excellent referral to a massage therapist in our community, please give the office a call.  We are more than happy to help you find the right therapist for you!

What to Expect

Does Massage Therapy Hurt?

As with many treatments affecting the soft tissue, there are times when massage therapy can cause some discomfort; however,  it is not harmful. Discomfort usually diminishes and no technique is used without the therapist first discussing it with you and obtaining your permission. A comfort scale will be established and the therapist will work to your tolerance level. You can stop or change the treatment at any time and the therapist will modify their pressure to meet your needs.


How Long Is A Massage Therapy Treatment?

The length of a treatment varies depending on your specific reason for seeking care. Upon arrival to the clinic, you will be asked to fill out a confidential case history form (Or Click Here To Print and Fill It Out At Home). It is recommended that you book one hour for initial session which will ensure you have plenty of time for treatment after the initial assessment is complete. Subsequent treatments can be booked in 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions.


Will I Have To Come Back More Than Once?

This varies with each individual. Together with your therapist, a treatment plan is designed to custom fit your physical needs and lifestyle. Participating in your preventative home care exercises will help speed up your recovery time. Continuing with treatments will maintain and improve the flexibility, strength and balance needed to prevent further injury, tension or spinal subluxations.


Who’s In Charge During The Massage?

You are!! The therapist will describe the treatments to be provided to ensure that you are comfortable with them. You must provide consent before the treatment will begin. If you are uncomfortable, your RMT wants you to let them know immediately, whether that discomfort involves the treatment, draping or any pain you may experience.


Do I Have To Remove All My Clothing For Massage Therapy?

No. Your comfort as a client is most important to your therapist, whether that is in the context of the clothing you wear or the treatment you receive. Massage therapists can provide important treatment whether you choose to remove any, some, or all of your clothing. All RMT’s are trained in proper draping procedures to ensure that your privacy is completely respected at all times during treatment.


How Do I Get A Massage When I Am Pregnant?

During the massage pillows and cushions will comfortably support you, and may even find yourself lying face-down for the first time in a while. In later pregnancy you can get a complete massage comfortably supported in a side-lying position. . Ask for a lighter blanket or less heat in the room if you are too hot. If your sense of smell is sensitive, ask for unscented lotion or oil. Feel free to interrupt your massage if you need to use the restroom.


Please tell your massage therapist if you feel uncomfortable at any time during the treatment. Please be conservative, see how you feel after the massage and listen to your body!


Can I Receive Chiropractic Care And Massage Therapy Together?

Yes! There are many ways in which you can benefit by adding massage therapy to your chiropractic care program. When soft tissue is massaged it is relaxed, thus your chiropractic treatment often proceeds more easily. Used in combination, chiropractic and massage therapy form a healing approach that will address your dysfunction and imbalances on many levels. Combined, they can help you maintain your health goals and enjoy your life to the fullest!