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Chiropractor for Seniors

A Customized Chiropractic Care for Enhanced sense of well-being

As we age, the potential for health problems increases, but it doesn’t have to define your quality of life. Your longevity may be all about maintaining your vitality, enjoying precious moments with your family, or just being able to manage your daily tasks independently. Regular chiropractic care can be an integral part of your strategy for healthy aging. Seniors who have consistently engaged with chiropractic care over the years often report enhanced immune function and improved well-being.

Customized Chiropractic Care for a Vibrant, Active Lifestyle

Chiropractic care extends far beyond simple spinal adjustments. Proper alignment of your spine by an experienced chiropractor promotes increased blood circulation. This improved flow helps your body eliminate toxins, contributing to overall health. Additionally, optimized spinal alignment may enhance communication between your brain and the rest of your body, enabling quicker, more efficient body repair processes. Regular, quality chiropractic care can also bring a welcome boost to your mental health. Many of our senior patients report improved sleep quality, increased energy levels, and uplifted moods post-chiropractic care. We understand that your needs change at each stage in life, and we’re here to help meet those needs.

Customized care plans can be developed to address specific issues, such as discomfort in particular areas or stiffness in your limbs. Relief from such conditions can pave the way to a more active lifestyle, which is crucial for maintaining muscle and bone mass. Regular physical activity supports strong immune function and can contribute to a level of self-reliance, allowing you to continue doing what you love. Our focus as your dedicated chiropractic team is to meet you where you’re at, supporting your health, mobility, and independence at every stage of your life’s journey.

Being in alignment can remove the obstacles keeping you from feeling fully well. This means you can do more than just go through the daily motions – you can continue to be involved in the activities you love. Because when you can continue to do the things you love, life is simply more enjoyable.

Is Chiropractic Safe for Seniors?

We keep your comfort top of mind in our care. When you come in to see us, you’ll receive a full assessment. We’ll discuss your goals with you before moving forward with an action plan.

We see chiro for seniors as a part of our customized approach to their health. It’s our promise not only to accept you as you come to us, but also to help you get where you want to be. You deserve health beyond the basics.

Chiropractic and Older Adults

Chiropractic Care Reduces Falls Risk Factors


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Great chiropractic Doctors and friendly competent staff. Adjustments done extremely well and the scans show what's happening with my body very clearly. Welcoming environment - no matter your age or condition!


Dr. Warner and her Team are absolutely amazing. They have taken care of me and my boys since they both were 3 months old. I can not speak more highly of the care they give to us. We look forward to our visits!


Dr. Ramsey and the whole team at Foster family chiropractic care have been nothing short of exceptional. My infant has been thriving since going to see Dr. Ramsey. Cannot say enough good things about this practice.


Started here many years ago, stopped for a couple years and realized just how much I missed seeing Dr Warner and Dr. Foster before that but even more missed how my body felt. Dr Warner has been exceptional in answering questions, sending me information and helping me get healthy. Thank you so much. Highly recommend Foster chiropractic.


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