What exactly does it mean to do your best?  This can become a rather difficult question to answer if you consider the notion that your best varies depending on your current state of being.

With winter upon us, and the after-effects of daylight savings, many of us are finding a lack of sunshine in our lives.  We head to work in the dark and head home in the dark. Unless we are gifted with a beautiful day where we want

For example, as a parent, my best will look entirely different if I am well rested, feeling good and present as opposed to tired, unhappy and distracted.  Both versions of me exist depending on the choices I make. Below are some of the self-care things I do in an effort to enhance the quality of my best work.

My relationships: they MUST feel good.  I recommend fine tuning your intuition and, if you are spending a lot of your time in the presence of someone that shrinks rather expands you, consider making a change.  For me this is never easy, but I am very grateful for the ‘expanders’ in my life. When you get good at tapping into how other people’s vibrational energy affects yours, and you protect the good vibrations, life just gets better.

My thoughts: always a CHOICE.  I pay attention to my thoughts.  It is easy to get caught up in complaints, criticisms and a general pejorative view of life.  The first step is to recognize these thoughts then change them. The best strategy for me is to change my physiological state.  I exercise, watch something funny, or call a ‘feel good’ friend.

My body: EVERYTHING matters.  Thoughts, food, environmental exposures, physical activity, injuries, sleep, relationships… it all affects the body’s ability to express a vital state.  I get adjusted every week because I know that my body, and specifically my central nervous system, performs miracles daily. We are born with all the tools we need to express perfect health but it needs no interference.  An adjustment helps optimize neurological tone so that all the things I am doing in my life to feel good are expressed to the fullest potential.

I strive to live a Chiropractic lifestyle.  I recognize that emotional, chemical and physical stress in my life have a profound impact on my ability to feel good.  Getting adjusted sets the stage for the success I expect when making my feel good choices.

What are some of the things you do to enhance your best?

— By Danielle Warner D.C.

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